Resilience, a true story

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Resilience, a true story

Resilience: True Story, a crazy project led by Loury Lag and his team to which Palladium is proud to have been able to contribute.


This extraordinary adventure begins with an unexpected encounter: more than a year ago, Loury Lag, a well-known professional explorer, met Martin Petit, a Bordeaux influencer who became quadriplegic more than 3 years ago following a serious accident. Loury offers him a slightly crazy project that has been close to his heart for a long time, that of directing a mini-series of 3-4 episodes retracing their adventure in places around the world that Martin can no longer access since his accident. Mutual aid, surpassing oneself, freedom and accessibility for people with reduced mobility are the values championed in this project.

Exploration being in the DNA of Palladium, we supported this project without hesitation. Designed for explorers, the daring and those who want to change the world, our best-selling Pampa Travel Lite were built for adventure. This ultra-lightweight pair with a nylon upper, a speed lacing system and a Lite-Tech EVA sole accompanied these adventurers in their ascent of the Anayet peak in Spain. A technical and trendy model that embodies the Palladium spirit and reveals the explorer in you.


Resilience, a true story


We are pleased to present the film RESILIENCE which retraces the magnificent adventure of Loury and Martin. From laughter to difficult moments, this first expedition is a true example of resilience and a great life lesson for the spectator.


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